Rocky Mountain Puppies


We are a family business, located on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.  Our dogs are a part of our family.  They interact with us on a continual basis; therefore, they are well socialized, playful, fun, and loving.  Because our family gets to know the puppies so well, we can help guide you toward the perfect puppy for your family.  Whether you are looking for a puppy that is playful and fun-loving or a puppy that is more quiet and calm, we can help.  We know their personalities and can help you choose exactly the right companion for your family!

We specialize in purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs.  We also breed a Bernese/Great Pyrenees mix.  All of our dogs are family oriented breeds and get along well with children.  They are all very sweet - and beautiful!

Whatever you are looking for, we will work with you to make sure that the puppy you choose is the perfect match.  A puppy is a long-term commitment.  We want to make sure that it is a great fit for you and for the puppy as well.


We hope you will enjoy browsing our website.  For further information, please contact